Landscape Architecture + Transportation + Infrastructure

Richmond No. 3 Road Skytrain Under Guideway Urban Design

Richmond, British Columbia | 2006-2008

Using the Skytrain as a source of cover from sun and rain, we created a three-kilometre main street for the City of Richmond that introduces safe places to walk and gather along the car-oriented No. 3 Road. This work included the selection of paving materials, street furniture, vertical elements, and planting design. Traditionally decentralized, the city now has a hub where residents can shop and interact. As new retail spaces open up along this stretch, pedestrians have direct access. Large plants beds and swaths of shade trees anchor open plazas. We designed these spaces to be highly flexible—to accommodate community events, public art, or markets, as needs emerge.

Project Client
The City of Richmond, Canada Line Rapid Transit Inc., IBI Group