Alf Escuin Portrait

Alf Escuin

Digital Strategy Manager
Senior Landscape Designer

Alf is a dynamic problem-solver and natural leader with a deep understanding of software systems, allowing him to tackle technical challenges with ease. In his dual role as a designer and overseeing PWL’s digital standards, he collaborates closely with teams to ensure smooth workflow and consistent delivery of high-quality products to clients. With extensive experience across all project phases, Alf is well-versed in industry best practices and is passionate about empowering his colleagues to excel in their work.

Growing up in the vibrant heart of Sydney, surrounded by its suburbs and waterfronts, Alf has a profound appreciation for the urban environments. He is dedicated to addressing the challenges associated with creating and sustaining high-quality urban spaces that will benefit future generations.

Outside of the office, Alf is an advocate for outdoor activities including hiking, snowboarding, golf, field hockey, and all things mountain related. He is heavily involved with voluntary social initiatives around Vancouver and maintains a passion for cinema and books with a special fondness for classic works and Japanese literature.