Mona Meschi BW Portrait

Mona Meschi

Landscape Designer

Mona's upbringing in Hamedan, a mountainous city in Iran, fostered her deep appreciation for nature and its connection to people. This led her to pursue landscape architecture as a means to strengthen these bonds. Mona earned her Bachelor of Architecture from Azad University and later pursued a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Tehran. During her professional practice, she developed a keen interest in designing productive landscapes and revitalizing urban environments. This passion led her to Calgary, where she completed her Master of Landscape Architecture at the University of Calgary. Now residing in Vancouver, Mona draws inspiration from the city's natural beauty, often exploring it on her scooter and capturing its essence through hand sketches. In her leisure time, she enjoys playing the Persian instrument 'Tombak' and immersing herself in the city's urban landscapes.