Sahar Portrait

Sahar Khelifa

Landscape Designer

Trained in activism with a passion for social issues, Sahar strives to promote positive change through design. She finds inspiration in its potential to contribute to meaningful improvements within communities, from increasing green spaces in our cities to socially responsible place-making. Sahar is optimistic about the profession's role in contributing toward truth and reconciliation with Canada's Indigenous communities.

While working as a junior planner in her hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan, Sahar recognized the industry’s social responsibility to advocate for safe and affordable housing early in her career. Consistently striving to use her platform for meaningful change, she believes, "it is both a privilege and responsibility to work in a profession that affects the lives of others in such a large way."

Sahar enjoys making art and taking long walks through Vancouver's diverse natural landscapes during quiet moments in her day. She finds great joy and beauty in the vast ocean views of the west coast, which remind her of the peaceful, expansive prairies where she grew up.