Taylor Portrait

Taylor Boisjoli

Landscape Architect

Taylor first began incorporating landscape into her artistic practice during her undergraduate studies in fine art. She wandered Vancouver with a field guide, identifying and gathering natural materials to create paints and pigments. Her studies in biology and subsequent Master of Landscape Architecture give Taylor a well-rounded skill set that includes drought tolerant/native and naturalized planting design, GreenShores® design, and low-impact design.

Taylor has an extensive background working with culturally and archaeologically sensitive sites and embeds a historical and cultural narrative in her projects. Taylor continuously grows her cultural understanding and develops our collective expertise through her work with the Wild Bird Trust of BC on decolonial conservation and landscape design. She believes that landscape design has the regenerative capacity to heal the mistakes of past generations to create safe, inspiring spaces that nurture our communities. When not volunteering or immersed in her art practice, Taylor finds joy cycling through the warm rains of Vancouver’s coastal rainforest.