Mick Hayden Headshot bw

Mick Hayden

Administrative Support

Mick Hayden rounds out PWL’s increasingly cosmopolitan front desk. Representing the Emerald Isle (did the fiery beard and brogue give him away?), he’s here to “make sure everybody has what they need, and gets to where they need to go.”Mick will be the first to admit that landscape architecture was entirely new to him upon arrival. But therein lay the appeal for someone whose work has spanned four continents, and included odd jobs in New Zealand, a stint as a volunteer librarian in Honduras, and high stakes number crunching at Ireland’s largest bank.

A veritable international man of mystery, Mick’s truest passion is travel. Along with his trusty rucksack, which he considers to be his most prized possession, he has set foot in 43 countries… and counting.

“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page.” – St. Augustine