Covid-19 Safety Plan

We will be continually monitoring BC Provincial Health Officer’s orders and recommendations and update our Safety Plan accordingly.

Limit Occupancy
  • We have limited the maximum allowable occupancy to comply with 2m physical distancing measures relative to PWL office area. 
  • No visitors. The office will only be open to staff. Couriers will be picking up dropping off at building lobby.
  • All meetings with clients and consultants are currently digital if at all possible. If not, possible physical distancing must be observed, and a mask worn if physical distancing is not achievable. 
  • Rest of staff will work remotely. 
  • Limiting staff in areas of transmission risk i.e. kitchen, washrooms and server/copy room.
  • We have installed a physical plexiglass barrier at reception.
  • Currently there are no physical barriers planned between workstations as some workstations will be not be occupied i.e. every other workstation may be empty to comply with minimum 2m physical distancing. 
  • If two people want to return that share the same work pod and re-orientation of computer screens does not allow 2m distancing, then a barrier option may be considered.
Rules and Guidelines
  • We have office protocols to reduce the risk of airborne transmission and they are outlined in our Policies and Procedures. This includes increased cleaning protocols and signage.
  • We have created signage and installed them within the office. Signage includes one-way movement through the office and limiting number of staff in areas of transmission risk due to space and frequent use i.e. kitchen, washrooms and server/copy room. Existing staircases are also designated as one way, i.e. one staircase going down from the office and one staircase going up to the office. Elevators are also signed with one-person capacity. 
  • We have a supply of masks in the office for staff use.
  • We have supplied staff with information and instruction on how to properly wear a mask based on WorkSafe BC guidelines.
  • Masks are required when meeting with other staff and/or in the conference rooms when 2m physical distancing is not possible.
  • When one or more staff are traveling in a car together to a project site and/or meeting, all must wear masks.


The complete PWL COVID-19 Safety Plan can be made available upon request.