Hailey Gooch Portrait

Hailey Gooch

Landscape Designer

Hailey’s background in landscape design, architecture, and sculpture give her a multi-faceted perspective in understanding the language of materials and their performance in space. A genuine conceptual thinker, Hailey is fearless in design exploration and problem-solving. She believes that landscape architecture can play a significant role in shaping inclusive, socially equitable communities. She advocates for attentive listening in her approach and believes a successful project begins with what the land and its people can teach us.  

Hailey leads with her values first and believes in our professional responsibility to listen to the land and its people, reconcile relationships and restore ecosystems to adapt to a changing climate. When she isn’t making the world a better place one landscape at a time, she explores the natural world with her young family, guiding the next generation with socially and environmentally responsible values.